A Natural Solution

to Clean, Recover and Re-Use Water

Water is one of our planet’s most precious resources. Nanobubble technology provides revolutionary water purification and treatment solutions that promote water recovery, reuse, and recycling in a wide range of applications. Bubbles in diameter smaller than 1 micro meter (μm) are called Nano-Bubbles or Ultra-Fine Bubbles (UFB). Ultra-Fine Bubbles have many interesting features including: 

  • They can stay in a liquid for a long time (up to 12 months) 
  • They are electrically charged 
  • They are extra highly pressured

These unique features allow the development of advanced new solutions for water recovery and re-use applications. Nanobubble technology is significantly more efficient than any comparable oxygenation solution, because it removes chemical and biological oxygen demand. It effectively kills bacteria, algae, and viruses, removes bad smells, decomposes sludge, stimulates self-purification to restore a clean water environment, eliminates floating blue-green algae, reduces excess nutrients, kills anaerobic microbes and parasites, helps the growth of aerobic microbes, improves water quality and promotes faster, healthier and stronger growth of plants and fish.


Potential Nanobubble technology solutions include water purification and enrichment, aeration of agricultural water for faster crop growth, treatment of lakes and ponds to restore natural balance, aeration of aquaculture ponds for faster and larger fish growth, and wastewater treatment facilities to treat sludge more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Nanobubble technology is an incredibly green technology that harnesses and enhances nature’s own natural purification process to provide water purification and treatment solutions. Nanobubble technology is an entirely natural process – no chemicals are required or used.

The KNEW Nanobubble Corporation’s patented and trademarked MK1 Nanobubbler is one of the most powerful, efficient, affordable, and portable nanobubble devices in the world.  

The average nanobubble we produce is 76.4 nanometers. The average nanobubble that our competitors produce is between 100 and 300 nanometers. Unlike our competitors, our nanobubble technology is portable, massively reduces the consumption of electricity,  and can be powered with solar panels.

Our nanobubble technology cleans water and resolves water treatment challenges far more efficiently than competitors or existing aeration technologies.