Our Products

The KNEW Nanobubble Corporation’s patented and trademarked MK1 Nanobubbler is one the most powerful, efficient, affordable, and transportable nanobubblers in the world.

The average nanobubble our technology produces is 76 nanometers in diameter (a human hair is about 100,000 nanometers in diameter). Conventional aerators produce mostly micro and macro bubbles (greater than 300 nm), which combine, float to the surface, and dissipate. Our technology produces more than 1 billion bubbles/teaspoon and we achieve a 95% oxygenation saturation. That oxygen helps water purification and enrichment; aeration of agricultural water for faster crop growth; treatment of lakes and ponds to restore natural balance; aeration of aquaculture ponds for faster and larger fish growth; and wastewater treatment facilities to treat sludge more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Nanobubbles have a negative charge. Like a magnet, they attach to and remove positively charged particles including nitrites, nitrates, ammonia, mineral salts, rust, and heavy metals – purifying and cleaning water.

Our nanobubbler’s 95% oxygenation rate helps the naturally occurring aerobic/beneficial bacteria and enzymes to thrive. The aerobic bacteria and enzymes eat the anaerobic/harmful bacteria in the water and the sludge, including coliforms, algae, and parasites.

Nanobubbles have neutral buoyancy, so they aerate the entire water column and stay in the water for at least 12 months. When nanobubbles burst, they release the equivalent of a micro lightning strike in energy and produce free radicals. The free radicals kill viruses.

Our unit floats at the site; others pump water in and out of a land-based treatment facility. The MK1 processes 50 gallons/minute or about 50,000 gallons/day. The MK1 achieves a 95% oxygenation rate and 4.5 gallons of oxygenated nanobubbles enter the water every hour. 

  • No chemicals
  • No Biological agents
  • No fertilizers
  • Faster growth of plants

MK1 Floating


Our Nanobubble Technology Advantage:

  1. Our technology is the most efficient nanobubble technology on the market. Our nanobubbles are Nano site Report tested at 76.4 nanometers in diameter – our competitors’ nanobubbles are estimated to be between 100 -300 nanometers. However, our competitors’ nanobubbles have never been verified or tested.
  2. Our competitors’ nanobubble technology uses significantly more energy than the KNEW MK1 Nanobubbler. Because our Nanobubbler runs on a 1.3kw motor, it’s energy-efficient and can be powered with solar power.  Our nanobubble technology is the most energy-efficientN nanobubble technology on the market.
  3. KNEW Nanobubble technology is natural and uses no chemicals to clean and purify water. Our technology is incredibly green and environmentally friendly.
  4. Our nanobubble technology units are portable and float on site. Our competitors’ nanobubble technology must pump water in and out of a land-based water treatment facility. Our technology can provide water treatment solutions to geographical areas that our competitors’ fixed technology cannot.


Key Benefits

1200% More efficient COD and BOD removal than any comparable solution

Reduces heavy metals and pesticides

Kills bacteria, algae & viruses

Eliminates biofilm build-up in piping

Faster and stronger growth of plants

Faster and healthier growth of fish

Natural PH correction of water

Reduces bad smells within 5 – 7 days

Increased yield in fish and crustaceans

How Our Products Differ from Others

The biggest differentiator between KNeW nanobubble technology and our competitors is that our nanobubbles are Nano Site Report tested at 76.4 nanometers in diameter – our competitor’s nanobubbles are estimated to be between 100 -300 nanometers. Few companies will publish their Nano Site reports.

The tested and verified superior quality of our nanobubbles allows the KNEW Nanobubble Corporation to deliver the most efficient and effective water treatment and purification solutions on the market. 

As nanobubble technology enters new markets our superior quality nanobubble technology offers distinct advantages over our competitors in a wide range of uses including in wastewater treatment facilities, agriculture, fisheries and other water treatments. 

Reducing energy use is crucial to reducing emissions and addressing global climate change. Our nanobubble technology is one of the most energy-efficient nanobubble technology on the market.  KNEW’s trademarked MK1 Nanobubbler uses significantly less energy compared to our competitors. 

The KNEW nanobubble technology is portable and can be operated by solar power. Our competitors mostly pump water in and out of a land-based water treatment facility. Our technology’s portability offers an incredible advantage over land-based nanobubble systems and can be operated almost anywhere in the world. 


    MK1 Ultra Fine Bubble Generator generates 222 million nano bubbles per ml of water at an average size of 76nm. What is important to note that the bubbles you re able to see are in fact macro and micro bubbles. Nano bubbles is not visible to the naked eye but does reflect light. This means that when you see a machine generating “milky” water you are actually seeing micro bubbles and NOT nano bubbles.